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Calendars: Being at the forefront of your customers for 12 months or more.

Calendars are past and Outlook, Smartphones and Co. are presence? The vision of the paperless office has died silently and the calendar is more alive than ever.

In sight 365 days a year - advertising calendars and notebooks are still the most popular promotional items when it comes to advertising impact and attention. It is therefore neither a fairy tale nor a miracle that IT and other high-tech companies, of all people, use classic notebooks again instead of accompanying every meeting with the opened laptop.

When you print calendars and design them in your corporate design, you are in the focus of your customers day after day. Use this advantage to convey your products, your company or your messages in the right manner: Whether on the wall, on the desk or the sales counter. Let us design your calendar or your range of calendars and benefit from a large selection, competent and modern service and punctual delivery. A large selection of different calendar formats is available for your calendar printing.

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